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Afifah High School for Girls

25 - Jun - 2014

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Islamic All Girls School in Manchester

Your First Choice For Education

Are you looking for an all girls school? Here at Afifah High School for Girls we understand the importance of education and we aim to nurture your child's intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development. Phone us today on 0161 937 2850.

We specialise in National curriculum subjects alongside Islamic Studies, Tajweed, Arabic and Urdu.

Afifah High School for Girls Call 0161 937 2850: 'Give Your Daughter The Best Start In Life'

We have been established since 2001, with over 10 fully trained teachers and staff working at the school. We work with all our students to develop them as individuals, ensuring that they can go out into the modern world and contribute positively without compromising their beliefs and practices.

We pay special attention to each individual learner and we have lots of extracurricular activities available. We have been growing year on year to provide the best Islamic school for girls in the North West. Call us on 0161 937 2850.

Open Hours

Mon - Friday 8.30 am - 16.00 pm

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